Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here we go again!!!

Well, we're down to the bitter end. I really do not like the weekend before the school year starts. I feel rushed the entire time, all the while trying to remain calm for my kids. It seems as though I feel I need to give them my undivided attention before we're whisked away into many different directions.

I have gotten so organized and prepared in my own classroom that I feel like I am forgetting something MAJOR. I guess we'll find out soon enough! Most people get so excited about the first day of school. I don't. It's the middle-end that I love. I just had that last group trained and now their off to middle school. Monday morning I'll be met with 17 little strangers that are just as uneasy as I am. Don't get me wrong. I love my job but I really love it once I know the kids and they know me. We have so much fun together. I think I am having some weird feelings at the beginning of this year because the end of my year ended so rotten. I guess I'm having "rollover feelings".

Jonathon is trying his hardest to act like he's "kinda" excited about school starting. Knowing that this is such a hard time for him, (crying every first day of every school year so far) I am praying that Monday will be a good day for him. I know how mean kids can be to each other. This will be his last year in elementary school so soon we'll be dealing with visiting and selecting a Middle school. He's already looking forward to that. Jonathon does so well in school and I pray that this year will be no different.

Clarissa is so ready for Monday morning that I doubt she sleeps tomorrow night! She got her first grade haircut (8 inches cut off) today and it is adorable! Sassy just like she is. We've labeled all of her supplies and organized her NOTEBOOK! (Yeah, I couldn't believe that first graders had notebooks!) Her backpack is ready and hanging by the front door. She even knows what she's wearing for the week. Her year didn't get off to a great start last year because some snotty nosed spoiled little girls called her names. There is only one little boy from her old class in her class this year so I'm praying she'll have a better year. Her teacher is a male and she's super excited about that. I love her spirit and her "ready to take on the world" attitude. I pray she never loses it!

So, school starts in about 33 hours! It will be a hectic 9 1/2 months. Days filled with school, gymnastics, church, soccer, and my class at Wayland. We'll try to fit in as much family time as possible and before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here! I can't wait for November! Actually, to be honest, I'm simply looking forward to Friday! Off we go......

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kids Really Get It!

Today I was having a conversation with Jonathon, discussing how God is not a God of disorder and how He wants us to have order in our lives. We even got more specific and talked about cleaning. He said, "You know, it may not be a good illustration but it's kinda like this: all of the trash and things out of order represent sin and then Jesus comes in and cleans you all up!." No Jonathon, it wasn't a good was a GREAT one. Leave it to a 10 year old to really get what takes many adults a lifetime to figure out!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

AUGUST !!!!!!!!!!

AAaauuuuggghhhhh!!!!! It is August already! 26 days until school starts!!!!!! 15 days until teachers return!!!!!! ENJOY!!!! ENJOY!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!