Saturday, January 27, 2007

School Projects

Grrrrrrrr!!!!! AAAAuuuuugggghhhh!!!! Do you feel my frustration? Am I the only one that gets this frustrated over school projects??? I'm a teacher...I should love this.......I don't love a matter of fact, I loathe this!!!! THIS????? This that I refer to is the Science Fair Project. Jonathon has a project due Friday for the Science Fair. He had originally decided to test how high energy drinks effects blood sugar in different age people. Well, we had to have some "human subject" forms filled out that somehow didn't get into my hands until this morning! There goes that project because before the experiment can be done, some "board" had to approve the form. it is Saturday before it is due and we have to start all over. I'll spare you the the details of starting all over and jump to the punch! We are now testing which soap works the best in removing bacteria and "smell" from the armpits! Sounds fun huh? We will get our petrie dishes going and set up for a 4 day observation tonight. Four days.....yes, that would then be Wednesday. Then we have to put together the presentation board. Do you notice how many times I've said WE???? I have completed 4th grade.........I know to use deodorant so I won't stink....I don't need to know this! To top off things, during the week, Jonathon will attend Scouts & gymnastics so who will be left to do the majority of the work????? Afterall, he does have a bedtime! This is only FOURTH GRADE!!! What will middle school and high school bring when he is attending gymnastics at Talent Plus in addition to gymnastics in school???? I guess I better brush up on my middle school and high school skills before he gets there!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Is that fighting I hear?

I do believe we are recovering. As a matter of fact, I believe miracles are occurring because for almost 4 hours tonight, I listened to Jonathon and his sister (yes, Miss I can't talk, drink, or take meds) argue and fight! She wanted to wrestle. He wouldn't because she can't and she got mad. She wanted to stand on her head but we wouldn't let her and she just couldn't understand. I told her brother to turn off the TV because it was bedtime, he tried, and she attempted to Karate kick him (she doesn't know karate but she THINKS she does). Are you seeing the picture? Oh, and this was all without her pain medication. I do believe she is feeling better. Praise God! (I think) I have one more day of work and then I'll be home with her for two days!! She's already making plans for me! OH, by the way....her Daddy did a BEAUTIFUL pedicure!

This too shall pass.......

Wow! What a change we have seen over the past two days and unfortunately, not for the better. On Sunday, Clarissa refused to drink, talk, and much less take her medicine. It was a VERY long day! Finally that evening, we had to call the doctor because we were seeing signs of dehydration. After he threatened to send her to the ER for an IV, she decided that she could get the medicine down AND drink, drink, drink! Yeah! Sunday was over!

However, Monday followed and was not a whole lot better except that she has taken a drink when we've asked and has taken her medicine (not without threats of THE NEEDLE). She still is saying very little which is most definitely not like her. It makes me a little sad.

Tomorrow I must return to work and although she will be in the hands of her very loving and ever capable Daddy, I'm going to be miserable away from her. She's already told me she'll have her Daddy polish her nails tomorrow. I would love to see that!

I know that God remains with His healing hand upon His wonderful little creation but in these difficult times it's hard. However, I do know that this too will pass. That will be my motto for my day tomorrow. THIS TOO WILL PASS.......and when it does, you can bet, I'll be hurrying home to my little princess.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Children are so interesting. Clarissa woke up, after 11 hours of the first peaceful sleep she has had in about 4 years, hurting very badly. She had gone 12 hours without pain medicine. Needless to say, she needed and received ALOT of TLC this morning. However, she has come alive this afternoon. In fact, my husband refers to us as "the Cinderellas" and her as "the Wicked Step Mother". She has gotten in her head that we have laid around too much today (could possibly be true) and not done our chores. She even turned off the TV (thankfully after Tech beat Kansas) and TOOK the remote! Have we lost control?

Actually, we looked at each other and said, yeah, we need to get busy. As I entered her room to put up the laundry, I was awarded with a "sticker" and a "thank you for doing your chores". Wow! The lessons a five year old can teach you. How many times do I just take them for granted and not thank them for doing their chores. It also made me think how frustrated God must get with me sometime because I get lazy and don't do His work.

I love my kids! Everyday is another lesson but every day is another blessing. Oh, as I type this, she is standing, bundled up, at the back door watching her Dad take out the trash. I guess she's making sure the job is done right. A friend and I have decided she is a teacher in the making. Shoot, after this afternoon, I think she may end up as my principal someday!

Uh oh, I've been caught and gently reminded that I have other chores to do! Until next time.......

Friday, January 19, 2007

God is so Good!

Today my 5 year old daughter had her tonsils removed and the "thing" under her tongue clipped. Let's just say....I have dreaded this day with a passion. Her last surgery was at 16 months old when she had her adenoids removed and needless to say the first 3 hours after surgery weren't pretty. Her doctor had told us that this surgery would be 10 times worse. (Love the positive outlook!)

So, there we were. I was dying inside and she was SO EXCITED about this surgery and the whole hospital experience. They finally came in and took she and her cabbage patch doll away and it wasn't her that shed the tears, it was me. I would have given my life at that moment to switch places with her. A very long 40 minutes passed and the doctor appeared in the waiting room and said she had done well. Soon we were called to her "post-op" room. We arrived before she did and finally I heard someone say "Clarissa is here!" It was so quiet. I heard no crying. Finally, she rolled into the room, eyes WIDE open, silent. Her Dad and I waited for the moment that she would belt it out but it never came! Instead we were met with "I want water" and "I'm hungry"! She laughed at the cartoons and ate a cup of Chicken Noodle Soup! We came home about 2 hours earlier than expected. She has done great! (Except for taking her meds. She hates them but, after 30 minutes and five stickers later, we got them down).

God is amazing. I spent so much time last night, basically begging Him for his guiding had upon her, for minimal pain, and a quick recovery. When He shows himself, BOY, does He ever show off! I love it! God is good.....all the time!