Saturday, June 28, 2008

Time Flies

I can't believe it! June is almost gone! Summer seems to fly by so very fast. It gives a whole new meaning to "Time flies when we're having fun!". We've spent the last month enjoying vacation, having our water balloon wars, going to vacation bible school, and swimming with friends. Jonathon is trying his hardest to grow up and has found great interest in a particular young lady. It has been quite fun to watch this part of him develop and we have found ourselves as parents having to move to a new level as well. Listening, listening, listening and not talking, talking, talking. Clarissa is having to discover some new friends because Jonathon is moving on with a new phase in his life. This week during VBS, she boldly called and invited several children from her school. I was so proud of her. And even though only one showed, it has been so good to watch her reach out and develop new relationships and make friends of her own and not friends that are shared by she and her brother. I've heard the sweetest things come out of their mouths recently. Two of my favorite are "I love our family!" from Jonathon and "I'm so glad you're my Mom!" from Clarissa. Well kiddos, I love our family too and I'm so glad that I get to be your Mom!

What will July hold? We'll have to find time to delve into school clothes shopping (more fun for some than others), Jonathon will leave for church camp (his first time away), Clarissa will attend soccer camp, and I will continue to try and get my house in order so that when August arrives, we can start the year off organized. We all know that it won't stay that way!

Whatever the next month brings your way, I encourage you to find time to have fun. I have to say I believe that we have had more fun this summer than we have in a while because we've taken time to be silly with our kids. I am discovering that time flies too fast!

NEWFLASH.......A little birdie says that the water balloon war has expanded into new territories (as of last night). I believe two victims were dampened, others might have been hit by stray droplets. Could you be next?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just a Tease

We're back from our wonderful vacation to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon! We took lots of pictures and have lots of stories. I'll do my best to get those posted on Flickr soon! Here's a tease of what's to come!

Our Wonderful Hotel

My beautiful kids at the Grand Canyon

We found some interesting folks there!

AND....we celebrated Jonathon's 11th Birthday AND and an early Father's Day!

We are exhausted but can't stop talking about it! I'll get busy soon!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


War.....not something that is looked upon with great anticipation. As a matter of fact, these days, war is such a curse word to many. When I hear the word, I automatically think about those wonderful men and women in Iraq that give so much of themselves so that I can write about the events of my life on this blog.
There has been a different kind of war brewing around my place. I guess I can thank my dear co-worker Sarah for getting me into the war-mindset.

The last day of school, two 4th grade teachers and their students along with some other enlisted soldiers ambushed me and my students with water balloons, shaving cream, and silly string. It was not a pretty sight! We looked like a war-torn region! I had students with big chunks of the groud stuck to their heads because they held them down and tortured them. I, at one point, (thanks Sarah) had water dripping from my eyelashes as a result of a point blank water gun attack after I opened the door to try and get my students to safety!

Since we weren't able to retaliate (yet) because school was out for the summer, the urge to battle did not leave me! So, I carried it over to home. Something came over me the other day and I enlisted my most willing soldier (Clarissa) and we filled water balloons, hid on the side of the house, and when Sal brought Jonathon home from gymnastics, we bombed the enemy!! We had to re-stock our amunition the following day and last night we had a friendly battle that turned bad. The four of us decided to play a game of catch with the water-balloons and somewhere along the way I forgot the cause and effect lesson that I teach every year! (nails + water balloons = SPLASH!) Not once, twice, but almost everytime! Not willing to go down easily, I enlisted the help of the waterhose! :)

Where will the next battle be? What and who will it entail? your back because I believe this war could last a few, long, hot summer months and you never know when it will expand into other territories!

By the way.....Sarah, what is the address to your new home?