Thursday, June 5, 2008


War.....not something that is looked upon with great anticipation. As a matter of fact, these days, war is such a curse word to many. When I hear the word, I automatically think about those wonderful men and women in Iraq that give so much of themselves so that I can write about the events of my life on this blog.
There has been a different kind of war brewing around my place. I guess I can thank my dear co-worker Sarah for getting me into the war-mindset.

The last day of school, two 4th grade teachers and their students along with some other enlisted soldiers ambushed me and my students with water balloons, shaving cream, and silly string. It was not a pretty sight! We looked like a war-torn region! I had students with big chunks of the groud stuck to their heads because they held them down and tortured them. I, at one point, (thanks Sarah) had water dripping from my eyelashes as a result of a point blank water gun attack after I opened the door to try and get my students to safety!

Since we weren't able to retaliate (yet) because school was out for the summer, the urge to battle did not leave me! So, I carried it over to home. Something came over me the other day and I enlisted my most willing soldier (Clarissa) and we filled water balloons, hid on the side of the house, and when Sal brought Jonathon home from gymnastics, we bombed the enemy!! We had to re-stock our amunition the following day and last night we had a friendly battle that turned bad. The four of us decided to play a game of catch with the water-balloons and somewhere along the way I forgot the cause and effect lesson that I teach every year! (nails + water balloons = SPLASH!) Not once, twice, but almost everytime! Not willing to go down easily, I enlisted the help of the waterhose! :)

Where will the next battle be? What and who will it entail? your back because I believe this war could last a few, long, hot summer months and you never know when it will expand into other territories!

By the way.....Sarah, what is the address to your new home?