Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A New Chapter

As most know, Sal completed 12 years and 2 months of employment today with MHMR. Tomorrow, he moves on to a new chapter. The move to Community Access has been one of faith for us. God brought the opportunity to Sal without Sal having o look for it. There are still some aspects that we are simply trusting God with and I can't wait to see how God uses Sal in this position. Tonight as I look at him resting, I can't help but be nervous for him. In the morning he will step into an office that he is to direct, not knowing anyone and they knowing nothing about him. Sal is such a hard worker and loyal employee. He is highly intelligent and has amazing insight. Anyone is lucky to have him as an employee. My prayer for him tonight is that tomorrow morning when he walks in tto his new office, that those employees will see a man of God, will see someone who is going to be fair, and someone who is going to lead them to the next level. My prayer has been that God bless Sal in the workplace and allow him to have favor among men/women that he comes into contact with. Tomorrow is the beginning of what can be and what I believe will be, an amazing opportuniy for Sal. I am so glad that God has chosen me to be part of this journey with such a wonderful man.