Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trend Setting Day 2

Something tells me that she really has no problem with self esteem right now! What do you think?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

OH Girl!!!!

The other day I watched a segment of Oprah's where she was talking about girls and their self-esteem and how we as women should be building up our daughters daily. I haven't always had the best self-esteem and certainly do not want my daughter to experience those nasty, horrible days.

Today, I believe, I have built up my daughter, maybe just a little bit. I was going to the store and she so badly wanted to go. She dressed herself in what she thought looked great. She came out of the room and I immediately said "NO!". Her Dad of course told her that she was beautiful. I thought I could sneak out but there's no fooling her! She was on my heals. So, I said: "Mija, do you like the way you look today?" and she very sure of herself said, "Yes, I do!". So, I know, if you feel good, I feel good. to the store we went. She pranced around like she was a million bucks! You know what're more than a million bucks! You are my psychedelic princess and you are my world! I hope you always feel good about you and who you are because I'd have you no other way!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Answered Prayers, Friends, and Laughter

The wait is over for almost everything I was "waiting" for a few days ago. Sal made it safely home from Austin, the Lord said that the job He has for me is right where I am so live with it and get happy. I'm living with it and will find happiness before school starts in the Fall. Praise God my Dad's test results have revealed that he is fine and well. AND....summer will officially begin at my house in FIVE DAYS.

We already have so many things planned. Our first task (interject Sal - "We're calling this task PREPERATION H - We're preparing the house for summer) is to have a very late Spring Cleaning event the week after next. Memorial Day could be just that - some things will only be a memory!

We had our last soccer game today and ended with a perfect season. Well...a perfect losing season but Clarissa doesn't care. However, if she would have played as hard the rest of the season as she did today it might not have been a perfect losing season! She has also had her gymnastics exhibition today and was absolutelyn adorable! We have Jonathon's in just a little while.

I had a thought today as I was leaving a message for my dear friend. Life is funny. There is a couple that Sal and I have been friends with for many years. Our children are like brothers/sister. In fact, she was Jonathon's first caregiver. We had attended the same church and usually sat by each other in church up until January of this year when the Lord called us away from Alliance. How funny it is that we have seen this family more since we've been gone than when we saw them weekly at church. Life is funny but I sure have enjoyed the laughs and good times we have together. thought for today is this.....Keep praying, laughing, and spending time with friends. It makes life and those nasty "waiting" games so much more bearable!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's coming!!!!!

We have just experienced a wonderful relaxing weekend. We spent Saturday evening/early night with some of our dearest friends hanging out at the park having a picnic (yes, there were some chickens sacrificed for the picnic but they were good!) Our children are like brothers and sister and thoroughly enjoyed themselvces. We did have to scrub alot of sand out of their hair but hey, they had fun getting it there! Today, after church, we took Jonathon and Clarissa to their favorite pool for some presummer swimming. It made for a perfect Mother's Day....there's nothing better than the laughter of your children. We've already made plans for next weekend! It seems to make the thought of these next two weeks bearable! I can't wait! SUMMER IS COMING!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I don't think I'm very good at this! This you ask? This waiting stuff! I'm waiting for a "phone call" that could certainly put a lift in my career, I'm waiting for insurance to come through for me - somehow, someway. I'm waiting on my husband to return from Austin. I'm waiting for my Dad to find out some pretty important health results. I'm waiting for school to hurry up and dismiss for the summer! I'm very impatient and I certainly don't like this part of world right now. I wonder......did I pray for patience somewhere along the way?