Wednesday, May 30, 2007

OH Girl!!!!

The other day I watched a segment of Oprah's where she was talking about girls and their self-esteem and how we as women should be building up our daughters daily. I haven't always had the best self-esteem and certainly do not want my daughter to experience those nasty, horrible days.

Today, I believe, I have built up my daughter, maybe just a little bit. I was going to the store and she so badly wanted to go. She dressed herself in what she thought looked great. She came out of the room and I immediately said "NO!". Her Dad of course told her that she was beautiful. I thought I could sneak out but there's no fooling her! She was on my heals. So, I said: "Mija, do you like the way you look today?" and she very sure of herself said, "Yes, I do!". So, I know, if you feel good, I feel good. to the store we went. She pranced around like she was a million bucks! You know what're more than a million bucks! You are my psychedelic princess and you are my world! I hope you always feel good about you and who you are because I'd have you no other way!


Anonymous said...

Amen friend!

Cheryl said...

So.....I'm confused. Is this the outfit she changed into to go to the store..... because I absolutley love her color choices. She has such an eye for cutting edge style - and she carries it off better than most models. I'm WAY into the shoes and socks. Unfortunately, I have passed the age of being able to comfortably wear anything that short - or I would try and duplicate the entire outfit. My neice - the trend setter. She makes me so proud!

Cheryl said...

P.S. - Could I have a 5x7 Please?