Saturday, September 24, 2011


Change - Not anything I ever look forward to. To be frank about it...I despise change. But what is that saying? Change develops character? I guess God decided this year that I needed character! I changed grade levels, subjects, principal, assistant principal, Jonathon started High School, and I pulled Clarissa out of the school where she had been since Kindergarten to take her with me to my school. I guess you could say, I am developing CHARACTER!

As hard as change is, I must say that I can now say it has been good! I am back in 5th grade where I have taught every year of my teaching career except one with a group of students that I adore! I love my team more than they realize! I am so blessed to work with two women who I consider to be two of my dearest friends! I have moved from being an English/Reading teacher to teaching Math. Yes, you heard me MATH!!!!! Can you believe it?? What is shocking is....I LOVE IT!!!! It is always hard getting a new boss because you never know what they are going to think of you or expect. Well, I must say I do believe we hit the jackpot with our new Principal and Assistant Principal. I have thoroughly enjoyed working under them so far! They are both Godly women and make coming to work a blessing!

Then there are my children! Jonathon started high school this year! He stays so very busy! As excited as I am for what God has in store for him, this time in our lives has brought about even more change! Jonathon and I have always been very close and with his busy schedule and his social calendar...I miss him. I never thought I'd say that about someone who lives in my own home but I do..I miss him. I love going to see him march at the games and practice at gym but our time together is so limited.

Clarissa, as many know, has had a very difficult time in school. Yes she had some academic struggles but her bigger troubles came socially. She has been bullied, left out, and basically emotionally beat down. On August 1 this year she asked her Dad and I to not send her back to her school. As a matter of fact, she begged us! After much prayer, we decided that I would take her to my school. For those that don't know, this meant she would be leaving one of the "most highly respected" schools in our town and going to probably the "poorest and LEAST respected" schools! This is what she wanted. I would be one of her teachers which was going to be a new journey for both of us. Well, there are no words to tell you how different she is! She LOVES school, she has many friends, her grades are good, she's involved in an after school club for girls and made the honor choir. I LOVE having her there with me and our relationship and changed drastically. She's always been a momma's girl but to say we have grown closer would be an understatement! Our home is a different place because she doesn't come home crying every day and doesn't fight us to go to school. Thank GOD for this change! is just part of life. As I looked back over my older posts, change is what stuck out to me. My children have changed physically (and so have I- good and bad), situations have changed, struggles have changed, thoughts have changed. However, through all of it....I have been blessed!

Till next time.....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm Trying!!

I love reading blogs and I loved blogging.....HOWEVER, somehow, I haven't been on my blog in almost 2 years. I'm trying to get this 'ole thing fired up again!! We'll see what comes of it!