Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's coming!!!!!

We have just experienced a wonderful relaxing weekend. We spent Saturday evening/early night with some of our dearest friends hanging out at the park having a picnic (yes, there were some chickens sacrificed for the picnic but they were good!) Our children are like brothers and sister and thoroughly enjoyed themselvces. We did have to scrub alot of sand out of their hair but hey, they had fun getting it there! Today, after church, we took Jonathon and Clarissa to their favorite pool for some presummer swimming. It made for a perfect Mother's Day....there's nothing better than the laughter of your children. We've already made plans for next weekend! It seems to make the thought of these next two weeks bearable! I can't wait! SUMMER IS COMING!!!


elaine santos said...

Boy did they have fun getting sand in their hair! Oh the lessons we could learn from our children about not sweating the small stuff. After all it is JUST sand--it comes out.

And there was so much chicken sacrificed for our family that we will be eating it all week!

But we loved it. We'd be so lonely with you guys! Love ya!