Friday, January 19, 2007

God is so Good!

Today my 5 year old daughter had her tonsils removed and the "thing" under her tongue clipped. Let's just say....I have dreaded this day with a passion. Her last surgery was at 16 months old when she had her adenoids removed and needless to say the first 3 hours after surgery weren't pretty. Her doctor had told us that this surgery would be 10 times worse. (Love the positive outlook!)

So, there we were. I was dying inside and she was SO EXCITED about this surgery and the whole hospital experience. They finally came in and took she and her cabbage patch doll away and it wasn't her that shed the tears, it was me. I would have given my life at that moment to switch places with her. A very long 40 minutes passed and the doctor appeared in the waiting room and said she had done well. Soon we were called to her "post-op" room. We arrived before she did and finally I heard someone say "Clarissa is here!" It was so quiet. I heard no crying. Finally, she rolled into the room, eyes WIDE open, silent. Her Dad and I waited for the moment that she would belt it out but it never came! Instead we were met with "I want water" and "I'm hungry"! She laughed at the cartoons and ate a cup of Chicken Noodle Soup! We came home about 2 hours earlier than expected. She has done great! (Except for taking her meds. She hates them but, after 30 minutes and five stickers later, we got them down).

God is amazing. I spent so much time last night, basically begging Him for his guiding had upon her, for minimal pain, and a quick recovery. When He shows himself, BOY, does He ever show off! I love it! God is good.....all the time!


Mommahen said...

I am SO excited! Yeah, let's sing. BUT it's kind of funny how not knowing about eachothers blog that ours still look eerily similar. Too funny. And doesn't the therapy feel good? After I posted my first one I thought man--is this all I need? I'm pretty cheap. Anyway, you read mine and I'll read yours. We can counsel one another. :-)
Oh, and I could not agree more--God is SOO Good--All the time. Love ya sis! Elaine