Friday, December 22, 2006

The Last Day of School

Well, today was a half day at school. Most of the day was spent Christmas caroling, opening gifts, playing games, & eating lunch. However, I did get a chance to quiz my students this morning about their best gift, note to self: be prepared for some loaded answers.

One boy told me it was the first time he had gotten to see his grandmother, another girl said it was just to have friends and families, and then another boy said it was when his mom got out of prison and he was able to see her. FOLKS - THESE ARE 10 AND 11 YEAR OLD CHILDREN!!! They should be telling me bikes, toys, clothes, etc. I am so thankful to work with these students and as I hugged each one good-bye, I said a silent prayer that God would keep them safe until I see them again. Today I learned.....the best gifts really do come from the heart. Merry Christmas!