Saturday, January 20, 2007


Children are so interesting. Clarissa woke up, after 11 hours of the first peaceful sleep she has had in about 4 years, hurting very badly. She had gone 12 hours without pain medicine. Needless to say, she needed and received ALOT of TLC this morning. However, she has come alive this afternoon. In fact, my husband refers to us as "the Cinderellas" and her as "the Wicked Step Mother". She has gotten in her head that we have laid around too much today (could possibly be true) and not done our chores. She even turned off the TV (thankfully after Tech beat Kansas) and TOOK the remote! Have we lost control?

Actually, we looked at each other and said, yeah, we need to get busy. As I entered her room to put up the laundry, I was awarded with a "sticker" and a "thank you for doing your chores". Wow! The lessons a five year old can teach you. How many times do I just take them for granted and not thank them for doing their chores. It also made me think how frustrated God must get with me sometime because I get lazy and don't do His work.

I love my kids! Everyday is another lesson but every day is another blessing. Oh, as I type this, she is standing, bundled up, at the back door watching her Dad take out the trash. I guess she's making sure the job is done right. A friend and I have decided she is a teacher in the making. Shoot, after this afternoon, I think she may end up as my principal someday!

Uh oh, I've been caught and gently reminded that I have other chores to do! Until next time.......