Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This too shall pass.......

Wow! What a change we have seen over the past two days and unfortunately, not for the better. On Sunday, Clarissa refused to drink, talk, and much less take her medicine. It was a VERY long day! Finally that evening, we had to call the doctor because we were seeing signs of dehydration. After he threatened to send her to the ER for an IV, she decided that she could get the medicine down AND drink, drink, drink! Yeah! Sunday was over!

However, Monday followed and was not a whole lot better except that she has taken a drink when we've asked and has taken her medicine (not without threats of THE NEEDLE). She still is saying very little which is most definitely not like her. It makes me a little sad.

Tomorrow I must return to work and although she will be in the hands of her very loving and ever capable Daddy, I'm going to be miserable away from her. She's already told me she'll have her Daddy polish her nails tomorrow. I would love to see that!

I know that God remains with His healing hand upon His wonderful little creation but in these difficult times it's hard. However, I do know that this too will pass. That will be my motto for my day tomorrow. THIS TOO WILL PASS.......and when it does, you can bet, I'll be hurrying home to my little princess.


Cheryl said...

Just think, not only is she able to get a good restful sleep, she will also finish out the day with a MANicure.

elaine said...

I am SOO sorry that she is feeling bad. But after day 5 is complete day 6 and on should be much better. And although he is an adult, Chris would not take his medicine either. But the dr. was not quite as comforting with us as with ya'll. His words when i called were, I told you this was going to be hard and he would be in extreme pain--what do want me to do--admit him? Chris in the softest voice I have EVER heard whisper yelled NO! So he just laid around and didn't feel fit to join us until Thursday. He says now of the experience that he is glad they are gone, but even MORE GLAD that they don't grow back! Hang in there. I was going to come visit on Thursday b/c I thought you were off then. I must have gotten the days confused. But I will make it over. Let me know if you or Mr. Mom need anything. Love ya!