Saturday, January 27, 2007

School Projects

Grrrrrrrr!!!!! AAAAuuuuugggghhhh!!!! Do you feel my frustration? Am I the only one that gets this frustrated over school projects??? I'm a teacher...I should love this.......I don't love a matter of fact, I loathe this!!!! THIS????? This that I refer to is the Science Fair Project. Jonathon has a project due Friday for the Science Fair. He had originally decided to test how high energy drinks effects blood sugar in different age people. Well, we had to have some "human subject" forms filled out that somehow didn't get into my hands until this morning! There goes that project because before the experiment can be done, some "board" had to approve the form. it is Saturday before it is due and we have to start all over. I'll spare you the the details of starting all over and jump to the punch! We are now testing which soap works the best in removing bacteria and "smell" from the armpits! Sounds fun huh? We will get our petrie dishes going and set up for a 4 day observation tonight. Four days.....yes, that would then be Wednesday. Then we have to put together the presentation board. Do you notice how many times I've said WE???? I have completed 4th grade.........I know to use deodorant so I won't stink....I don't need to know this! To top off things, during the week, Jonathon will attend Scouts & gymnastics so who will be left to do the majority of the work????? Afterall, he does have a bedtime! This is only FOURTH GRADE!!! What will middle school and high school bring when he is attending gymnastics at Talent Plus in addition to gymnastics in school???? I guess I better brush up on my middle school and high school skills before he gets there!


elaine said...

OOOHHHH, I can so relate! Last year I left it up to Mark and Daddy to get the project together and we were up until midnight the night before it was due putting the board together! THIS YEAR, mommy took over and Mark journaled (with my ever gentle prodding) and I was able to type the work up in record time! Sorry, but it did bring a good chuckle to my day. Good luck!