Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Break 2007 - A wonderful time!

We have returned from our trip to Cloudcroft. It was absolutely wonderful. Very relaxing, many moments of laughter, and a moment or two of worry just to keep us on our toes.

Our cabin was way more than expected and if anyone ever travels to Cloudcroft I would highly recommend this place. We arrived Saturday evening and withing a few minutes, Clarissa was dancing around, jumping up and down, saying "THIS IS AWESOME" and "I'M SO EXCITED". We drove into town and grabbed a quick dinner and returned to the cabin. Sunday was interesting. The day started out with beautiful sunshine. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast by Chef Sal and shortly before noon, we had a light mountain shower. The kids enjoyed sledding down the hill that morning before the rain. At noon, Sal went into Cloudcroft (6 miles from the cabin). By 12:15 it was snowing so hard that I couldn't see across the mountain. It was thundering and lightening also. At 1:30, Sal had not returned. Our Explorer is not a 4 wheel drive so I was a bit concerned. I put on my shoes and decided I would take the trecherous walk to the neighbor's house and call the local Sheriff's department to look for him. While I was preparing to leave, I heard Clarissa praying that if "Sal dies, I would be sad. Please don't let him die." Well...that was comforting. Within about 5 minutes, she runs through the cabin yelling "HE'S ALIVE! HE'S ALIVE!". Yes, her Daddy had returned. He couldn't pull the truck into the driveway because it was an incline but nonetheless...he was home! We ended up getting about 3 inches of snow and the kids built a snowman/woman/thing. Monday they predicted more snow and so we just hung out at the cabin and the kids loved playing in the snow.

Tueseday we ventured down the mountain to White Sands. I have always wanted to visit there and must say that I was awestruck from the moment I saw the place. We had so much fun! EVERYONE took part in sledding on Tuesday! We hated to leave to come home but once back, everyone agreed that it was nice to be home. Sal and I realized on the way back that our work places were not mentioned one time while on the trip. How nice to completely get away from it all. I have posted pictures on my Flickr stream and would invite you to share in our wonderful trip. We can't wait for the next opportunity and adventure! Family time is a wonderful time!