Sunday, April 15, 2007

Days of Refining

I do believe that I have had the most interesting and reflective days of my life over the past few days. Friday very well could go in the books as the worst day of my teaching career. As I have reflected upon it though, I have seen alot of what I've needed to see for sometime. I've learned alot about other people and myself, just since Friday. I've rearranged some priorities and those that were are no longer and some that should have been at the top have been moved there and cemented!

Saturday Jonathon competed in the Southwest Texas/New Mexico Tumbling & Trampoline State Championship. I am so proud to report that he came away with many awards, winning 1st overall in tumbling, 2nd in trampoline, and 3rd in Double-Mini. I am so proud of him. It was a great day and I found myself having so many different emotions watching him compete. I prayed through every pass and I know that God had favor on him Saturday. Clarissa did a great job WAITING all day for the attention to be back on her! It was really a nice family day.

Today Sal and I tried out a new Sunday School class. We had not been attending Sunday School since we left Alliance because we were trying to get the kids settled in to a new church. So, they'd go off to Sunday School and Sal & I went to Worship Service. Well, today, all 4 of us attended service and then went to Sunday School. As Clarissa drove me crazy because she kept moving (as most 6 years olds do) and Jonathon consistenly felt he needed to lean on me during the service, I had the following revelation: Just as my kids have to get used to being in "big church" (they always went to Kids Church at Alliance) again, I had to get used to having them there again. At one point today, I even thought: I liked it better when they were in class! BUT, when I looked over and saw Jonathon reading his Bible and following along with the Pastor, I knew that he needed to be there and that I just needed to get used to it again.

As I blog tonight, I must confess that I dread going to work tomorrow. I don't want to feel that way but I do. Please pray for me that this little time of refining will only be "a short time" and if it isn't, pray for strength to endure.


Anonymous said...

Check and see if anybody is praying for a certain crack head acting hussie in the event I ever get my hands on her.

I'm VERY proud of Jonathon.

Anonymous said...

I'm still very upset about the whole thing from Friday. I'm serious, if you feel you need back up - just call big sis, I've thought it over and I CAN take her!

elaine santos said...

Gayla, I am proud of the way you are growing in Him. For so long I could see your heart's discontent and to know you are stretching yourself out of your comfort zone is quite inspirational, and obviously the Lord is blessing you for it.

And as far as teaching, you are where God needs you--even if it does not feel comfortable. BUT because you are walking in obedience to Him you will have the best backing in the world...HIS!

And I am praying for you, no one should have to experience what you did. I would be still be cowering under my desk if it were me. But you are an amazing woman who continues to push through every situation. Your children will arise and call you blessed, and Sal also will praise you. (Proverbs 31:28).
Love ya!