Monday, October 1, 2007

My heart hurts

Today has been a very bad day for Jonathon. As his mother, my heart has broken for him. Sal's car was broken into last night and all that was taken was Jonathon's backpack and Sal's cologne. Now, some may be thinking....Why were those items there? Let's just say that the men and my life like convenience. It was convenient for Jonathon to leave his backpack in the car on Friday because he wouldn't need it until Monday and I guess it's convenient for Sal to spruce up on the smellums throughout the day.

Jonathon's binder was found in an alley nearby but his backpack, his Nintendo DS which had been INSIDE the backpack, and the cologne were not found. Jonathon was so upset that he could not talk to be on the telephone. I can't remember a time when he cried that hard. Actually, when I told him that his Papaw might have lung cancer was the only other time I remember him crying that hard. So, as I knew my son was hurting, I hurt too. Some have said "Well, he'll learn not to leave things in the car". Yes, maybe he will. Yes, maybe I had told him many times not to leave it in the car and much less, his Nintendo DS! However, that doesn't excuse someone getting into OUR property and taking OUR things! AND, to top things off, his lovely first year Social Studies teacher gave him a write up for not having his paper today in class! NO JOKE ---the kids had nothing!!!! So, I called the school today and tried to explain that it wasn't lost but stolen and the teacher proceeded to be very hateful with me and eventually hung up on me! OH NO HE DIDN'T!!!! Let's just say....I've removed the write up myself and this battle isn't over!

Unfortunately, Jonathon learned a big lesson about life today. He told his Dad that he had wondered what he had done, that God was punishing him for. Yeah, that one got me! We've spent the evening explaining to a once, very innocent 10 year old, that God doesn't work like that and how there are just some pretty sorry individuals in this world that need God desperately.

Jonathon also learned a big lesson about family. Tomorrow he will receive a special gift from someone who loves him very much and from someone whom I adore and admire more than they'll ever know. I had to tell him about the gift tonight and let's just's good to see him smile.

So while my heart hurts, my blood pressure is still sky high from anger, my soul remains confident that God is STILL good and STILL in control and STILL moves people to do amazing acts of kindsness to small children and in my house....when you are kinds to my children, you are a blessing to me!


Cheryl said...

I believe in karma. I believe the person who took something precious from Jonathon will have something even more precious taken. I believe an unbending teacher unwilling or unable to open his heart to a fellow human being in time of peril will experience a shortage of compassion when he needs it most. Although my heart goes out to Jonathon because he had to learn so young what it is like to be violated; my greatest concern and fervent prayers go out to the violaters because I believe those who harm children in any way offend God in the worse way.

elaine santos said...

The Lord always returns to us what Satan tries to destroy. How clearly did that message come across to him through the love of his aunt.

Sarah said...

That totally stinks!

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

I think you need to tell us more about you. So I am tagging you! Check out my blog for details!