Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Year Later and still messing with bacteria!

Well, I looked back on my blog and it's been almost a year since I posted about our, I mean Jonathon's, Science Fair project. Nothing has changed. Here it is....Superbowl Sunday, I missed the game, the commercials, and halftime BUT on the bright side, it's only 10:45 and Jonathon's board is finally complete! Now....we did start working on it yesterday. He was testing the importance of washing your hands after using the restroom. He has been observing bacterial samples from five toilets. Yesterday while he went to a skating party........I stayed home and made potties for each Petri dish to go into. Fun! I said we were going for the kill this year. I don't know if I would describe it as that but I will say we are much better prepared than last year. I'll leave you with just one piece of advice....ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wash your hands after using the potty!!!!! Have a great week!


Penny said...

It looks good! So...which bathroom do I need to avoid in the future?