Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lifes little Conveniences!

On Saturday afternoon, we noticed that our air conditioner was making a "funny noise". Sal didn't seem extremely concerned at first. He was scheduled to fly to Dallas on Sunday afternoon and I made the comment to him that I was going to be highly irritated if he left and the air conditioner went out while he was gone. So, not wanting me to be irritated, I guess, he called his maintenance man from the office and he advised Sal to spray WD-40 on the blades of the blower fan,. Well of course, we were out of WD-40 and so Sal went to buy some. He came home and sprayed away, turned the AC back on and the noise was WORSE! Yeah, that one didn't work! By early afternoon, the noise was gone because the blower fan had completely STOPPED! That's right! No AC for us! We went to bed Saturday night at midnight and at 1:15 were up because we so hot that finding a breath was difficult! We had all ceiling fans running full blast only to blow around the hot air! OH, I failed to mention that Clarissa had had the stomach bug all day and so I'm sure at this point that we're all going to be sick because the germs are cooking and multiplying!

Sunday morning found us breaking a sweat while getting ready for church! We broke out the telephone book to find a repairman. Sal called several people who offered 24 hour service! Yeah right! We went to the early service and kindly sat on the back row so no one would be offended if we smelled. During service I bluntly told the Lord that I was so glad I was assured a spot in heaven because I had gotten a very small glimpse of the heat in Hell and I in no way wanted a part of that! We had lunch and came home to finish getting Sal ready to leave. A few people called but wanted Sal's arm, leg and our first born to come look at the AC PLUS they told us that the part would be over $400! He called some more people and through some family members, he ended up finding a man that was such a blessing! This gentleman came out Sunday afternoon to assess the problem and tried to at least get the AC working so that we wouldn't cook overnight. He couldn't but at least he tried!

I took Sal to the airport and tried not to be too upset that we was about to stay in an air conditioned hotel room! The repairman wasn't going to return until Monday afternoon to fix the AC so the kids and I loaded up and was accommodated by some good friends who let us spend the night at their house. The AC was back on by 3:00 and we were so thankful! However, I was MORE than thankful when our total cost was under $200! Wow! Sal didn't have to sacrifice his limbs and Jonathon got to stay with us! Hallelujah! How thankful I am today to be blessed with the convenience of air conditioning. I know there are many people in the world without such convenience and how I feel for them!


Melissa said...

So glad it all worked out. That is not fun!

Melissa said...

Okay, this is the last week of August, it's time to update your blog...haha....hope you are doing well. :)