Saturday, November 8, 2008

Precious Moments

I have collected Precious Moments figurines for over 25 years now. I have such a collection that I don't have room to display them all. However, I can look at every single one and recall (almost) the person who gave it to me and the place where I was when I received them. They represent so many fond memories for me.

Today was a day for another type of Precious Moments. We received our new furniture (finally) and the kids were so excited. But with the day, came moving out old stuff and rearranging. It was a pretty full day. After deciding to take a break for a late lunch, I glanced out the front door to see my two, very precious children poised in what was to me a very precious moment. Clarissa was sitting on the sidewalk with a flowerpot that she had painted, determined (as she is about everything) to dig enough dirt with her hand to fill the pot. It was moving rather slowly but she continued to work diligently. Jonathon, on the other hand, was sitting out by the mailbox with a rather long and large twig that he had gotten during a tree climb, and had a small saw, sawing away at this twig, Although the saw wasn't cooperating, he continued to work and be content with what he was doing.

It was a moment that I wanted to take in for a very long time. They were both so sweet, innocent, and childlike. Those moments are more precious to me than any figurine I have. I love my children so very much.


Melissa said...

How very sweet!