Monday, March 16, 2009

Blessings in Disguise

Our Spring Break started Friday, at 3:01. I thought it would never arrive! We had planned on heading to Ruidoso for a long weekend but on Wednesday, our plans very unexpectedly fell through. When we broke the news to the kids, they took it like troopers (actually better than we did!) and they suggested we head to Nana and Papaw's house. So....Friday evening we braved the weather (rain, snow, and sleet) and went to Nana and Papaw's.

My Dad will be 80 years old very soon and my Mom is 76. It seems that their social calendars are filled with doctor's appointments, the post office, and the grocery store. We arrived very late Friday night, stopped by for a brief visit and headed to the hotel. The kids wanted to take our Wii so that their Papaw could box (he was a Golden Gloves champion MANY years ago). So...Saturday morning the kids taught Papaw to box. Oh my goodness....I can't tell you when I laughed that hard. My Mom had to finally leave the room because she was laughing so hard. Daddy took his three round boxing match very seriously and I'm glad to say he was victorious (I actually think it would have made him mad if he would have lost!). He watched Clarissa and I play a few rounds of Wii Tennis and then he joined in with the kids on a game of Wii golf. After lunch, I pulled out my laptop to show them some pictures that I had on the computer. Understand that my parents know NOTHING about the computer. Someone nearby had wireless and so I joined in with them and connected to the internet. My Mom and Dad began to watch and before long, they were like kids in a candy store! We sat and surfed for about 4 hours!!! They had me looking up everything and even got a little introduction to Facebook. That evening, they joined us at the hotel to watch the kids swim. Sal and Daddy played a few games of pool and then Daddy tried his hand against Jonathon in ping pong. Mom and I enjoyed our long talks in between the laughs. Today we hung out at their house again, looking at some old pictures and talking. (I do have lots of fun pictures, I'll try and get them posted later!)

I don't know when I've laughed as hard as I did! I am so glad that my kids got to see their Papaw box and that they will always have that memory. I'm glad that boys never change and that Sal swears he let Daddy win both games of pool and that Jonathon and Clarissa can laugh about how many times they had to retrieve the ping pong ball out of the pool! Life is so short and I've realized that even more since my father-in-laws passing. Yes, Ruidoso would have been nice but I thank God for the blessing of this weekend.

Enjoy the rest of Spring break....I know we're going too!!!


Rachel Anne said...

What an awesome weekend! I could just picture your dad boxing! I remember laughing my head off at my own dad (70) playing the wii at Christmas. I've seen billboards for wii fitness for cool.

Ruidoso would have been fun, but what a wonderful memory you've made! So glad you shared!

Happy Mommy in San Antonio said...

Sounds like that trip TOTALLY trumped Ruidoso!