Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer.....I think not!

Who said that summer days were lazy days? I have yet to find a really lazy day this summer! We have been so busy and time seems to be flying by! This month we have anjoyed a super 4th of July parade!

We also had a pretty interesting Fireworks display that began very late. This is Jonathon....waiting patiently.

Clarissa has been attempting to ride her bike without training wheels. As you can see, she decided to arm herself for the task at hand!

And yesterday, I sent Jonathon off to church camp at Fort Lone Tree. He has never been away from home for more than one night. This time he's gone for an entire week! I'm so proud of him! He was excited to go and was the first on the bus. I must say, he did better than his Mom. I miss him to death and can't wait until Friday because we get to go there for family day. As hard as it is for him to be away, I know that God has something special planned for him on this trip. I just hope God takes these days and speeds them up! This is Jonathon as he was getting ready to check-in and board the bus. And those are raindrops on the windows, not tears. Although I felt like adding my share at that time!

So I guess after Jonathon returns and we head into the final stretch of summer break, I will hope that we can find a few days to be lazy.....because so far...they've been crazy!