Wednesday, July 9, 2008

There's a new Chef in Town

Tonight I was getting ready to prepare dinner and announced (like I have on previous occasions) "Is there anyone who would like to help me cook dinner?" and my 11 year old son took the bait!!!

So, went through the routine of emptying the dishwasher so that we could refill it. He has been emtying the dishwasher for some time now but I've never had him load it. So, we had Dishwasher Loading 101 and he passed with flying colors! From there we put on our potatos to boil and I found a biscuit mix for him to make. In the meantime he prepared his meat and got it to cooking. It was so fun watching him add seasoning to the meat because it didn't take long for him to find his own flare! Before we knew it, dinner was ready and he had prepared, with supervision, all of it by himself!

I was so glad to see his eagerness and enjoyment in what we were doing. We managed to have a great conversation, which I know for many 11 year olds is not their favorite thing to do, and had some good laughs. He's growing up so very fast but something tells me that the years ahead are only going to get better and better.

I must return to the kitchen because I think I have clean-up duty but I wanted to sneak away long enough to share with you that there's a new Chef in town and he has the makings of a mighty fine one at that! He leaves for his first Church camp on Monday so get ready, the blog next week may be a little "wet"! Gotta Run!