Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catching Up

Wow! I have been intending to blog about the first week of school and here we are already into the third week! So much for good intentions!

I do believe that we have all settled into our routines. Jonathon had a first week of adjustment but with a small change of schedule, he has now made the middle school adjustment look like a breeze! On top of his buddies from his elementary school, he is making new friends daily. He tells me every day that I pick him up that he loves it and that he had a great day. (don't get me wrong - given the chance to stay home over going to school.....he's choosing home!) Clarissa of course LOVES school and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her teacher. I've really seen her mature some already this year. She's been a trooper, having to be at school in a wheelchair and missing out on some fun activities, but she maintains (usually) a pretty good attitude. I, once again, have been blessed with a pretty good group of students. I again have some kiddos with some pretty sad stories but I am convinced that God has me where I am because of kids like those! I love the kids I work with and they are making teaching fun and exciting. Man, they're so bright! I'm really looking forward to what the year will hold! On top of school, we're settling into the routine of gymnastics, church activities, youth activities, and somewhere in there, trying to find time to be a family. Sucha busy time of year!

Off the subject...yesterday I was on my way home from school and while stopped at a traffice light I noticed that I was sandwiched in between some bumper sticker believing folks! Some of the ones that caught my attention and really got me to thinking: You can't be BOTH....Catholic and Pro Choice - My thought was "You can't be BOTH.....CHRISTIAN and Pro-Choice! Jesus is Coming....Look Busy - This one really got me! Are you kidding me?? I found that one a little bothersome. Jesus knowss our hearts. I don't believe He called us to "pretend" he called us to be his workers. I don't think we need to look busy, I think we need to BE busy! And then there were those bumper stickers that have been torn and tattered over the years. You know, the ones that are half on and half off and you can't read the full message. I kind of chuckled when I saw those and thought they were in a category all of their own and what it said about the people driving those cars......I once had an opinion but I've been to busy to keep it up! Thank goodness the light turned because I was beginning to get too involved in the bumper stickers!

That's about all for now. Sal leaves this morning for 2 days in Dallas and the kids and I will try to survive our whirlwind without him! Happy Wednesday to all!