Monday, September 29, 2008

The Pole and other Stuff

I've been intending to blog since last Wednesday. I guess good intentions mean nothing withoug actions, huh? Anways, last Wednesday was See You at The Pole, a time for middle school and high school students across the nation to gather at their school's flag pole to pray for the school, the teachers, students, etc. Jonathon wanted to go and so I took him bright and early since I had a meeting that morning at Central Office. What happened after we arrived will forever be grained into my soul. When we arrived, there was one other young man at the pole, alone. Mind you, well over 800 students attend this school. I made the comment that he was all alone and fully expected Jonathon to do the "cool" thing and wait in the car to see if more people showed. I was wrong. Jonathon asked me if he could leave his things in the car while he went to the pole, so I waited. He went to the pole, introduced himself to the other young man, and they talked for a little while and then they began to pray. I was so moved. They remained there for some time and I saw a young girl approach them. A short while later Jonathon returned to the car and I just looked at him as he said, I can't believe that we were the only ones! I asked him about the young girl and he said she asked what they were doing and he explained that they were praying for their school, etc.. She had no response then but I know that those words will impact her at some time. I expressed to Jonathon how proud I was of him as he stood at that pole praying while students and teachers walked past. I told him that he took a stand for Jesus and that even though there were only 2, that God would bless that time there. I told Sal later that day that even though Jonathon's at an age that it seems he does so much to drive us crazy, he also does so much to make us proud. He loves the Lord and I know that and my prayer has been that the Lord would lead him to a closer relationship with Him. Without nagging Jonathon or guilting him into it, he actually had a devotional on his own this morning. Something tells me he'll get so much more out of it because he CHOSE it rather than being guilted into it. He's growing up before our eyes and I am so glad that he's learning to take a stand for his Jesus at a very young age!

I will be gone for the next few days while my Dad has surgery. Sal will be "single-parenting" until Thursday. I can't wait to hear the stories of homework, hairstyles, taxi driving, and the brownie uniform! I know that if anyone can do it though, Sal can!

Clarissa is supposed to get her cast off on Friday! PRAISE THE LORD!!! She's so cute because the first thing she wants to do is to take a bath! I thought that was so funny!

Take time to laugh, ponder, and praise our Creator this week! God Bless!