Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Oh those lazy days of summer.......where are they?

Lazy days? I don't think so, at least not yet. The kids started Kaleidoscope this week and have to be there at 8:15. So much for sleeping in! I have to say though, I've gotten more errands accomplished the past two days that I have recently in a month! Sal even appointed me to have the oil changed this morning ( a whole other blog topic! ). Yesterday after Kaleidoscope, we went swimming for FOUR hours. My kids were in heaven!!! It was nice to relax by the pool and watch them just be kids. No worries in the world! Today isn't a swimming day for us and after we finally got home this afternoon, my kids and I laid down and read books. AWwwwww, now that was nice and it did give me a little glimpse into those lazy days of summer.

Before I leave this little topic, I have to share something about someone who has just blessed me so much recently. I got to spend some time last night with a young man who just recently turned FIVE! I was at McDonald's watching him carefully eat his Happy Meal (sitting criss cross applesauce in the seat) and he so innocently looked over at me and said, Thank you for bringing me here. A while later, after we had left McDonald's, he was getting out of my car and said "Gayla, I love you. You're beautiful." You know, I couldn't stop thinking about his words on the way home. God tells us to have the faith of a child but I believe He also wants us to learn from them. You see, this baby was so very thankful, sincerely thankful for a trip to McDonalds. It isn't like he isn't well taken care of because he comes from an excellent family. He just is honestly thankful for people being in his life. I believe he also sees the heart of a person. I hope he always sees me as beautiful. Not on the outside (we've got a long ways to go there) but as a person with a beautiful heart. And even though I am very aware of my faults and don't always have the "beauty on the inside" - he saw something I don't even see. I want to be more like that. I really want to see people's hearts (good and bad). So.....if you need some insight and a blessing......hang out with a 5 year old!


Sarah said...

I love that story! What a sweet child!

elaine santos said...

I love that story too! And he says you're beautiful because you absolutely are! As much as your kids love mine, we love you!