Monday, June 11, 2007

Persistence Pays Off

This evening we had Jonathon's 10th birthday party at a local pool. As soon as we arrived, I was met by a young man that none of us knew but he had no problem with that! He quickly asked me if we were cooking hot dogs and after I said we sure were, he asked for one. I told him that if he was still there after the party was over and if we had any left, I'd be happy to give him a hot dog. Well....over the course of the next 2 hourse, this young man asked for a hot dog at least, what seemed like FIFTY TIMES! It got so bad that other people at our party was frustrated. Finally, as Jonathon was fixing his plate, the kid yells at us from the water, wanting a hot dog. Jonathon looked at me and said, PLEASE.....give that kid a hot dog!!! We were ALL ready for him to hush! He proceeded to help himself to the chips, a drink, and some cake.

His persistence paid off. He got what he wanted....he just drove everyone else crazy but in the end...he was happy. Hmmm....I might try this technique sometime in the near future. We'll see! But in the meantime, can I have a hot dog?


Anonymous said...

Can I have some cake?

Cheryl said...

Considering the lack of attention he was receiving from the people who brought him there, persistence is probably the norm for him. I have witnessed that type of depravity from two different sets of parents I knew in the past. They are so self involved their children are left to fend for themselves - and seek attention in any way they can. It has always been my hope that the kindness of a stranger lets the child know, in some way, they are not invisible. One thing is for sure though .... some day that persistent child WILL get the attention of those caregivers who ignored him.