Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another edition of 'From the mouths of Babes'

While having lunch with the kids at Sonic on Thursday: After a male carhop walks by and gives me a long and endearing look, my son (age 10) profoundly states "Mom, I think he thinks your single!" (I guess once you're married, NO ONE is to look at you like that!)

Jonathon, telling his Dad about the above incident: He tells his Dad and then says "Ooohhh La La!!! It's because she's beautiful! Even without makeup!!!"

Clarissa while attending the rehearsal dinner for Stephanie's wedding: After seeing a bridesmaid visit the bar, "Mom, can I please have a margarita?" Hey, at least she used good manners!

When trying on the dress I was considering wearing to Stephanie's wedding: I asked Clarissa's opinion and she said "It's beautiful but could you please wear some makeup?" I guess she didn't listen to her brother and it's obvious they share differing opinions!

Until next time.....