Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Her time as a flower girl

As most everyone knows, Clarissa was a flowergirl in a wedding this past weekend. The wedding was a teacher friend of mine. Clarissa's social calendar was full this weekend!

After a busy week of VBS that ended Thursday evening, we were up bright and early Friday for a morning rehearsal. That evening we had the rehearsal dinner. She was so good at both of these activities, ESPECIALLY the dinner. From the dinner we went home to tuck her in for a good night's rest because we knew she would need it.

The big day arrived and thank the Lord she slept in! We went to get her hair done and it took TWO people to do it because she has so much hair! But again, she was so very patient. We left there and went home for me to get ready. When she walked in the front door, the first person she looked for was her Daddy. She didn't say a word to him but wanted his acknowledgement. As soon as he told her how pretty she looked, she went to find Jonathon. He immediately told her how beautiul she was and that is when she smiled. It was so interesting to me how she really didn't care whether or not she had my approval but she certainly wanted her Dad's and brothers! They are so important in her little life!

Once we were at the location of the wedding, she dressed and was one of the girls. She was so excited!!! She did a great job during the ceremony even though I had to remind her to throw the petals as she began walking. So...she threw petals on her entrance AND exit! :)

Even though she had so much fun doing all of this, the reception/dance was her VERY FAVORITE! She didn't miss a dance. She danced with her brother, her Daddy, the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, family members of Luke's, and herself. She had a ball!! She hung with it as long as anyone was on the dance floor! We left at 12:15 and arrived home about 12:30. Needless to say...I don't think she remembered much about arriving home because she was fast asleep!

I can't express how beautiful she was and how much fun she had. All she can say now is that she wants to have a wedding just like Stephanie's. I can't even imagine that day right now but if her beauty and grace as a flower girl is any indication as to what kind of bride she'll be......LOOK OUT!