Saturday, July 28, 2007


The kids and I went to Pampa on Thursday and spent the day with my parents while Sal was working in Amarillo. We had a really nice time. I sometimes forget how much my children long to see their Nana & Papaw. They long for that unconditional "spoiling" that only grandparents can do.

I don't have alot of memories of time with my grandparents because they all passed away when I was young. However, I do remember sitting with my Grandpa on his front porch, playing on a rock (that I have by my front door now) and then walking across the street to get a treat. He would buy me this "thing" that was like chocolate covered graham crackers. I have no idea what the name was but they were THE BEST! I will forever remember them.

Mom and Dad's neighbors had told them to let the kids come down and pick tomatoes and to let Clarissa pick all of the fresh flowers she wanted. So, in the middle of the day (HOT), we went and picked tomatoes and flowers. My children had a ball! Earlier that day, Clarissa and I took Nana shopping at Bealls and Jonathon took Papaw to the Dollar store to look for some much needed gun caps. Afterwards, we went home for sandwiches and my kids ate like they weren't going to eat for days. They later told me that things taste better at Nana's. After lunch, I didn't hear them for a while and after I got suspicious, I found them in bed, tucked in for a good nap. THEY SLEPT FOR TWO HOURS!!! They don't do this at home!!!! BUT, I was told that Nana's house made for a good napping place.

Once we left and headed back to Amarillo, Jonathon told me that he loved going to the Post office and the Dollar store with Papaw because that was "their thing to do". He said he would always remember that. It took me back to that "chocolate graham cracker thing". Grandparents are good, very good. I'm glad that my children have theirs to make memories with.


elaine santos said...

I remember the chicken noodle soup from a can that I ate with my great grandpa. He added bologna and cheese slices to make it taste better, and it always did! Our bedtime snack was cherry chip ice cream with snickers bite sized candy bars. My Nanny made the world's GREATEST cherry pies! And my Buelita made the best enchiladas in the world. Oh how I miss them all, but thank God we have those memories.

Cheryl said...

Thinks DO taste better at nana's.