Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He did a wonderful job

We returned last night from a quick 2 day/1 night stay in Odessa. I was quite impressed with the town itself and LOVED our hotel. It was very kid friendly and had the most comfortable bed EVER!!!! Penny and Eric have recently moved to Odessa and it was nice to get to see their new home. However, it was a little sad leaving them and I think Clarissa wanted to pack up Gabriella and bring her home with us.

Once we returned, we spent some time settling back in before we went to bed. When the kids were going to bed, Clarissa asked me to read them a story from the Bible Stories book. I read to them about creation. When I finished, Clarissa said Man, God did a wonderful job creating this "Earf" (not a typo). He gave us seeds that grow into beautiful trees and plants for us and he gave us LOTS OF FOOD. He really did a wonderful job. I thought this was so sweet and so true. He did give us a beautiful creation call "Earf" but He did an even better job creating my two beautiful children and I am so very thankful to Him for them.


elaine santos said...

I loved the pictures of the trip--that looked like a fun place to be. Sorry for the short conversation today. Maybe I can catch you on the road tomorrow. We sure miss you!